Intelligent Traceability

UNIVEG has invested in a variety of specialized IT tools and platforms which in order to comply with increasing customer requirements on documentation and traceability. This process can be extremely complex and it is a challenge to access, generate, collate and store the level of information required.  We work in close collaboration with key IT partners – and sometimes even our competitors - to develop a range of specialized and cost-efficient food safety and traceability software solutions which deliver data in a transparent and easily accessible manner to the end user.  This is what we call “Intelligent Traceability.”

Some examples of UNIVEG’s “Intelligent Traceability”

The UNIVEG ARfD Calculator is an online platform which was developed by UNIVEG Germany.  It enables the user to calculate residue test results against the individual residue standards of major European retailers. Synchronized daily with the EU pesticides database, the ARfD Calculator includes Dutch, Belgian and German ARfD values and can be run on all major standard and mobile browsers. In addition certain users can access an API webface function in order to link the ARfD Calculator to a laboratory information system.

Fresh.Point is an online residue testing platform from the Dutch company ChainPoint (www.chainpoint.com). Fresh.Point was developed by UNIVEG together with two German fresh produce companies and the German Fruit Traders Association (DFHV) – including the Regional Association from Baden-Württemberg - in order to cope more effectively with the demanding residue standards of their retail customers.  It allows importers, wholesalers and retailers to manage their residue testing efficiently and helps them use their residue test data to evaluate food safety risks effectively.