A Global Quality Network

UNIVEG’s Global Quality Network is your direct technical connection to the field. It ensures that our producers are able to understand and comply with the food safety, quality and traceability requirements of different markets and it gives our customers an invaluable insight into the realities of fruit and vegetable production.

Within the Global Quality Network UNIVEG’s experienced and skilled technical staff create the valuable synergies which enable us to manage quality requirements in the most effective way possible. We also make intelligent use of technology and specialised IT platforms. As a result we can both standardise and harmonise technical processes and draw on local and regional skills in our production areas in order to best serve the specific needs of the producer and the market. 

This unique mixture of global and local know-how means that UNIVEG can anticipate and respond swiftly to the ever-changing demands on food safety, traceability and quality.

For further information on UNIVEG’s Global Quality Network please contact us at quality@univeg.com