Transport & logistics

With decades of experience in temperature-controlled logistics, UNIVEG operates distribution centres for retailers and suppliers alike. They call on UNIVEG for a complete logistics and distribution solution for all their fresh produce (fruit & vegetables, meat, ...), as well as for frozen products.

UNIVEG is able to meet the highly specific requirements for storage, handling and transport of fresh food and produce, such as temperature, atmosphere and relative humidity. Furthermore UNIVEG has great experience in support services, including packaging and repacking of fruit & vegetables, ripening rooms, packaging return centres and crate washing.

UNIVEG provides services to a range of customers in a large number of European countries. It currently has daily distribution to over 1,000 delivery points in the major European countries. With its own fleet of high-quality vehicles, supplemented by strategic transport partners, UNIVEG covers the needs of every customer in terms of quality and speed of delivery.

UNIVEG delivers around 10,000 pallets daily from its temperature-controlled distribution centres, with a total capacity of over 2,000,000 m³.

Our customers benefit from a decrease in overall stock, uniform quality control, less administration and fewer deliveries in the stores (one stop, one drop).

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Spain Logidis Sistems
USA UNIVEG Logistics America
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Belgium UNIVEG Nova-Veg Logistics
The Netherlands UNIVEG Supply Chain Services