Flowers & Plants
Flowers & Plants

Flowers & plants

UNIVEG strives for market leadership in the business of Flowers & Plants. It seeks to achieve this through strategic alliances with retailers where high service levels, constant innovativeness with exclusivity in the assortment, high quality, diversity of sourcing locations and state of the art logistics are top priorities.

Day-in, day-out, the various UNIVEG companies deliver top quality products in close collaboration with our customers: mainly large retailers, including supermarkets, DIY (Do It Yourself) stores and garden centres.

UNIVEG’s leading position in market segments such as cut flowers, potted plants and plant arrangements has been achieved through long term programmes and strategies aimed at ensuring product quality, innovative products, low production costs, diversity of sourcing locations, state-of-the-art logistics and competitive pricing.

UNIVEG controls the entire production, marketing and distribution process: from growing, cultivation, harvesting, purchasing and importation, storage and processing, stock control and packaging, to distribution and transportation.

Inspired by our constant quest for creativity and innovation, our purchasers and technical specialists scour the many flower and plant growers all over the world in search of new combinations.

Once constant compliance with our strict standards is assured, we ship and process the products in the most efficient way so as to guarantee value for money for our customers.


Company profiles

Companies active in Flowers & plants:

Country Company
The Netherlands UNIVEG Flower Trade
UK Winchester Growers