Veiling Haspengouw, UNIVEG and AIF sign agreement on commercial cooperation

28 Aug 2015 UNIVEG logo

On 27 May the Boards of Directors of Veiling Haspengouw, UNIVEG and AIF announced that they were investigating a close form of commercial cooperation. Today, before the start of the Belgian top fruit season, Veiling Haspengouw, UNIVEG and AIF officially signed the final agreement for their future cooperation.

In this new structure, Veiling Haspengouw will continue to exist as a cooperative and will be strengthened by a broader distribution channel. UNIVEG has taken a stake in two subsidiaries of Veiling Haspengouw: H-Fruit and H-Pack. H-Fruit is the sales organisation for all top fruit and soft fruit produced by Veiling Haspengouw’s fruit growing members. H-Pack is the sorting and packing station of the auction and is among the most modern in Europe. Carlo Franssen has been appointed to manage these 2 subsidiaries. Through this cooperation H-Fruit and H-Pack will reinforce their commercial position in the top fruit market.

The project is supported by AIF, the investment fund of Groep Boerenbond, as it strengthens the position of Belgian fruit growers and encourages market-driven production. The cooperation of the partners complies with the CMO regulations and has been approved by the CMO Authority. Furthermore agreement has been obtained from the Competition Authority and EFC, the partnership of Veiling Haspengouw, the Dutch Koninklijke Fruitmasters Groep and WOG Raiffeisen e.G. in Southern Germany.

Following a successful cherry season, Veiling Haspengouw is confident that the timely decision to formalize the cooperation between Veiling Haspengouw and UNIVEG and to further professionalize the marketing structure will bring significant benefits to customers and growers alike.

About Veiling Haspengouw: Fruit auction Haspengouw is a cooperative of growers producing high-quality hard and soft fruits. The excellent fruit quality is the result of many years of professional expertise, scientific research, environment friendly growing and innovation. Veiling Haspengouw has evolved from a regional auction to an internationally valued partner. It counts approximately 400 members and has about 127 employees.


About AIF: Agri Investment Fund CVBA is the investment fund of Groep Boerenbond (MRBB). AIF allocates its participations over the relevant distribution channels for agricultural products and promising innovative developments that strengthen the position of growers and their cooperatives.

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